The members of Silverspoon leading team are

Andres Peets, Mahesh Ramnani and Joakim Helenius


Executive Committee

Joakim Helenius

Joakim has been an active participant in the local culinary scene for over twenty years. As a patriot of Estonia Joakim is delighted to be part of the team of Silverspoon Awards.

Executive Committee

Mahesh Ramnani

Founder of the Silverspoon Awards to stimulate and advance the F&B culture in Estonia by engaging the patrons, industry and trade to all develop together.

Executive Committee

Andres Peets

In addition to telecommunications and the publishing business, Andres has been active for many years in both the restaurant and entertainment businesses.

As one of the founders of the Union of Estonian Restaurants, he has managed a number of initiatives in the HORECA sector.

He is a gourmand and one of his hobbies is learning the art of being a chef. He feels a sense of pride that he can participate in Silverspooni team.