The members of SilverSpoon leading team are

John Stewart Wilson, Jr., Andres Peets, Marje Hallik-Wilson, Mahesh Ramnani and Joakim Helenius


John Stewart Wilson, Jr.

Executive Committee Chairman

John is the 2016 Chairman of Gastronomy Society’s Executive Committee, and was one of the original founders of the SilverSpoon Awards, along with Mahesh Ramnani. John has had a passion for global travel and international cuisine since he first traveled to France when he was 15 years old. He has enormous respect for chefs and hospitality staff, and worked in both restaurants and the premier Washington, DC catering scene during his youth. John enjoys cooking with family and friends in his spare time. He has a small, passive shareholding in Café Komeet and Bistro Kukeke. He is private wealth manager and head of a family office.

Marje Hallik-Wilson

Executive Committee

Marje is a member of the SilverSpoon Executive Committee. She has been an entrepreneur for the last 12 years, in both the retail and wholesale business, Most recently she has advised several boutique haute couture designers on international expansion in Europe. She also imported André Verdier Laguiole knives and cutlery from France to Estonia. Prior to that, she was the exclusive Baltic distributor of Thann Natural Home Spa & Wellness from Thailand, where she was Co-Owner and Managing Director of the company. From the inception of the business concept through the entire five-year operation, she was in charge of the strategic development of the company, as well as the day-to-day management.


Joakim Helenius

Executive Committee

Joakim is a well known business personality in Estonia who has been an active participant in the local culinary scene for over twenty years. Whilst until recently spending the majority of his time outside of Estonia he has been well positioned to draw comparisons between the development of restaurants in Estonia and abroad. As a patriot of Estonia Joakim is delighted to be part of the team relaunching the Silver Spoon Awards. The awards will provide an exciting venue where Estonian restaurants will be able to challenge each other in categories that allow for fair comparisons.

Mahesh Ramnani

Executive Committee

Founder of the Silverspoon Awards to stimulate and advance the F&B culture in Estonia by engaging the patrons, industry and trade to all develop together.

Andres Peets

Executive Committee

In addition to telecommunications and the publishing business, Andres has been active for many years in both the restaurant and entertainment businesses. As one of the founders of the Union of Estonian Restaurants, he has managed a number of initiatives in the HORECA sector. He is a gourmand and one of his hobbies is learning the art of being a chef. He feels a sense of pride that he can participate in Silverspooni team.

Dimitri Demjanov

Chef Patron

Dimitri Demyanov is the the Estonian restaurant culture grand old man even though being the man in the best years. Just the restaurant culture is pretty short. "You have to run very quickly to stay still," he likes to quote the Alice in Wonderland. And indeed he does run quickly.