SORAINEN has been Silverspoon’s exclusive legal advisor since 2004. SORAINEN is a leading regional law firm specialising in corporate law, with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Founded in 1995, Sorainen has since worked with a range of international and local clients, advising them on all questions related to corporate law and taxation in the Baltic states and Belarus.

NOPE Creative

NOPE Creative is the design agency behind Silverspoon’svisual identity and brand assets. Working together with web design agency gotoAndPlay, NOPE’s designers were able to bring their designs to life online as well as offline. NOPE offers their clients web and graphic design, digital marketing, and branding services. NOPE offers its client both web and graphic design, online marketing and re - branding


PricewaterhouseCoopers has been Silverspoon’s auditor exclusively since 2004. PwC is the largest global organisation for business consulting services. We are present in 157 countries. We have more than 208,000 employees across the world, bringing together their knowledge and experience to offer a first-class service that goes above and beyond for our clients.

Estonian Culinary Institute

NGO Estonian Culinary Institute is a voluntary organisationmade up of juridical and natural persons, acting in the interest of the public. The institute aims to act as the development centre for the upper echelons of culinary arts in Estonia. In order to reach its goals, the institute is involved in nurturing and introducing the best culinary practice in Estonia as well as promoting collaboration opportunities between businesses and organisations within the Estonian food sector.


The Rimi hyper- and supermarket chain is part of Rimi Baltic AB, the leading retail business within the Baltic region. In Estonia, the business operates under the tradename RimiEesti Food AS. Rimi Baltic is owned by ICA Baltic AB, under the Swedish ICA Group. Rimi Baltic AB has 234branches in total across the three Baltic states (84 in Estonia, 114 in Latvia and 36 in Lithuania). In Estonia, this divides into the following: 14 hypermarkets, 24 supermarkets and 46 off-price brances - the latter operate under the name Säästumarket in Estonia and Supernetto in Latvia. RimiBaltic employs more than 10,000 people, with 2,700 of those jobs under Rimi Eesti Food.


Lexus is Silverspoon's official sponsor since 2016.

Vins de France

AS Baltic Pack has been active on Estonian and Lithuanian market with the quality French wines and spirits under the VinsDeFrance trademark since 2010. Today, we have evolved into one of the leading wholesalers in the quality wine sector, and our products can be enjoyed almost in all top restaurants and buyed from the best vinotheques and wine shops. Our product portfolio includes almost 300 different wines and drinks from about 70 top-producers of France.


Viinitie is a wine and beer importer and distributor founded in 2003 in Finland. We import wines and beers from Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. Although we have experimented with a presence in Estonia in the past, Viinitie is now making its first full-bore entry into the Estonian market. Viinitie is the marquee sponsor for 2016 Silverspoon event.

Malmgårdin Panimo

Malmgårdin Panimo is a Finnish microbrewery located in the beautiful sceneries of Malmgård Estate in Loviisa, just an hour away from Helsinki. Our brewery is inspired by the surrounding lands, availability of home-grown grains and direct access to fresh spring water. Traditional grains are the essence of Malmgård and give special characteristics to our handcrafted ales.


Historic Cafe – Restaurant – Terrace Katharinenthal. Swan Pond, the palace flower gardens in the immediate vicinity.


Segers is a well-established producer of professional clothing for the hospitality and healthcare sectors. As specialists in the professional clothing sector, we aim to exceed customer expectations. We are proud of our design, performance and service and have strong ethical and environmental principles all of which provides a good foundation for long-term partnerships.

Bardinet Vins

“The Bardinet Vins International division is part of the Bardinet SAS company created in 1857 and belonging to the La Martiniquaise Group since 1993. The Group is independent and family owned with a consolidated turnover in the region of euro 1 billion making it a strong international mainstream player in the wines and spirits industry and the largest in volume terms on the French market.” “We are privileged to be able to sponsor a prestigious gastronomic event in Estonia such as the Silverspoon awards with a high profile New Zealand wine from our diverse portfolio: MAN O’ WAR Wines, Waiheke Island. We feel this is perfect exposure for the brand and our company and we are happy to further the worthy cause of encouraging haute cuisine and service in the dynamic Estonian market.”

Paulig Coffee AS

Paulig Coffee is the market leader in Finland and the Baltics, and in Russia it is the second largest supplier of roasted coffee. The company sells and markets roasted coffee, ready coffee drinks, chocolate drinks and filter services. A wide range of brand products, continuing product development, seamless quality control, responsibility from bean to cup, and creating new coffee trends are the hallmarks of Paulig.

Karisma Food OÜ

Karisma Food OÜ, founded in 2012, is a food distribution company that specialises in supplying the HoReCa sector. Our strength are freshness of goods and fast delivery.


As one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, ESCADA stands for modern elegance, glamour, and sensual femininity. The brand, founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, provides a distinct sense of refined quality, workmanship, and excellent fit and is characterized by color, print, and the love for detail. Under the two product lines ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT the brand offers its customers a lifestyle concept for dressing, filled with everything from must-have daywear for business and leisure to glamorous eveningwear. Apart from ready-to-wear, shoes and bags, the product range offers ESCADA fragrances, eyewear, watches and jewelry. The ESCADA Group operates throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. With around 1,000 points of sale, ESCADA is present in 80 countries worldwide.


Umami fish

THE ELITE AMONG THE FISH After countless adjustments and testings, the culinary innovators behind Chefs Umami were faced with a challenge of phasing out of conventional manoeuvres in gourmet fish handling. As a result Andrus Miller, former scientist and 6th generation Gulf of Finland fisherman, has successfully started one of the most innovative companies in industry. It all began with his dream that a more innovative approach to gourmet fish handling management will enable umami occur naturally in Finnish Archipelago rainbow trout. The innovation of ultimate taste—New Nordic Fish—has been created. By today the idea is in production—Nordic Umami is here and with great praise from some of Finland's and Estonia's most prominent chefs. A fish with the uniquely authentic taste experience. And with an eye for local, Gulf of Finland fish, Archipelago Umami Trout among others. “I have always felt great love towards Nordic nature. It’s simplicity, freshness and purity inspire me day after day. Chefs Umami's innovation fits perfectly with my cooking philosophy–it combines traditions and modern technology in a way that makes possible to take cooking to next level. Ethically and respecting the nature.”  – Pekka Terävä, President of Finnish Bocuse d’Or

Andre Farm

In the parish of Kambja, at the borderline of Tartumaa (25 kilometers from Tartu) is a farm where cows are called Mummukesed (“Dotsies”), they’re caressed and meditated with. Cows care about the people here and the people do everything possible that the animals have a safe and secure environment. Do you know how gentle this seemingly large animal can be? Have you ever touched cheeks with them and heard each other breathe? We have 180 dairy cows who produce quality milk which we have sent to major processing plants, the future of the produce is unknown to us, something we would like to change. Today we have started the course to building a dairy farm to start producing cheese. We wish to produce cheese worthy of the love and pride of us, our animals and our clients. Our history goes back to the times of our ancestors, the current head farmer’s grandfather had his own farm here as well. Novelty is in our blood. Already during the first tenure of Estonia’s independence the cattle could drink from automatic water dispensers and the fields were the subject of novel agrotechnical methods to increase the crop yield. The current farm establishment has been operating since 1999, starting with only 20 cows to the 360 cows of today. The cows are milked with four Lely robot milking systems.


Best Estonian Cuisine award at the Silverspoon 2016 is proudly presented by Vana Tallinn Elégance rum liqueur. Vana Tallinn Elégance is an expression of Liviko´s liqueur artisans craftsmanship over hundred years. Rare aged rum originated from Martinique, blended with legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur and infused with finest spices. Grand aroma with hint of smokiness, burnt caramel, and spices applaud the velvety character of Vana Tallinn. Presenting the finest skills and attention to details, Vana Tallinn Elégance is a sophisticated choice for passionate connoisseurs.



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