Rules for Young Chef Competition 2018



The MTÜ Gastronomy Society of Estonia (“The Society”), with its registered office at Kollane 4, Tallinn, Estonia 10147, is the Organiser of this initiative called “Silverspoon Young Chef Competition 2018” (“YCC”).

The initiative consists of an Estonian talent search open to young Chefs of legal age to a maximum of 24 years at the time of submission of their application, who meet the requirements listed below. The registration will be launched on the 21stof May 2018, and closes on the 21stof June.

These rules will be available on (the “Site”).  All participants are invited to carefully read these rules: in participating in the initiative, participants declare to have understood and accepted all of the terms set forth herein.

  1. Purpose of YCC

1.1 The purpose of the initiative is to support the principles of the culture of good food in Estonia, through a project that aims at identifying talented young chefs in order to celebrate their talent and encourage their professional growth.

  1. Timeline: The YCC competition registration opens on the 21stof May 2018 and closes on the 21stof June at 23:59

2.1 To participate, candidates must register at:

2.2 For the purposes of the definition of “Shortlist”, of the identification of Local Finalists and the Winner of the Finale, the initiative will be divided into the following 4 phases:

  • PHASE 1
    • Online Registration (Phase 1):  21.05.2018 – 21.06.2018
  • PHASE 2
    • Selection of the “Shortlist”:
    • 01.07.2018-31.07.2018, Identification (and notification) of participants selected for the “Shortlist” of  up to 10 participants.
  • PHASE 3
    • Blackbox Cooking Semi-Finals:
    • The 10 Finalists on the Shortlist will cook for the Judging Panel between 10.09.2018-24.09.2018
    • From the 10 participants, 5 will be selected to cook in the semi final, where 3 final finalists will be selected to cook for the winner title in the “Grand finale”
  • PHASE 4
    • “Grand Finale Cooking” for the Judging Panel with 3 Finalists from the Shortlist is currently scheduled for the dates between 16.10.2018-23.10.2018
    • The exact date will be announced no later than 01.10.2018
    • The winner of the Silverspoon 2018 young chef competition will be announced in the Silverspoon 2018 Awards Gala in November 2018

2.3 Event dates and locations may change: any change will be published on and communicated directly to participants. Events may also take place during the date of the “Finale”, to which the 10 Finalists may be invited.

  1. Requirements for YCC- please read carefully

3.1 Participation in this initiative is open exclusively to Young Chefs who meet the following requirements:

  • Age:
    • be of legal age pursuant to legislation of Estonia and no older than 24 years as of 21.06.2018;
  • Experience:
    • Be working and/or studying and have gained full-time work and/or study experience of at least 1 year at one or more restaurants/catering companies as a “commis”, “chef de cuisine”, “chef de partie” or “sous chef” (it is not essential that the period of 1 year of work is gained in the same restaurant);
  • Language:
    • the official language of the competition is Estonian; candidates are required to be able to express themselves in Estonian, both spoken and written.
    • In order to facilitate and speed up the registration process, applicants are permitted to submit their applications in one of the following languages: Estonian or English. 
  • Applications submitted in a language other than those listed above will not be accepted. 
  • Each young chef may apply to the 2018 YCC one time, and with one Signature Dish.
  • It is the responsibility of each participant to obtain the consent of his or her employer, where such consent is required in order to participate. By participating in the initiative, each participant shall ensure to have obtained the above consent, or to not be required to obtain it. 
  • It is also the responsibility of each participant to be in possession of Estonian state or private insurance against accidents, of which documentation will be required by The Society.
  1. 3.2 Phase 1: Online Registration – 21.05.2018-21.06.2018

3.2.1 To compete Young Chefs possessing the requirements indicated above must register online by completing the form available on the Site. It is not possible to save the form, so registration must be completed without interruption.

3.2.2 The form must be completed in Estonian or English: 

  • Contact Information- Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email (required)
  • Current Workplace (e.g., Name, Address, Telephone) (required)
  • Current Job Title (e.g., commis/chef/sous chef/chef de partie) (required)
  • ID a copy of a valid identity document attached as a file that clearly, visibly and understandably displays the date of birth
  • Digital references and links (e.g. website, social media pages) (optional)

3.2.3 Work History and Signature Dish Information, need to be attached as files:

  • An updated CV with personal references and the description and/or recipe for his or her Signature Dish
  • Photos of the Signature Dish” (min. one (1) – max. three (3))
  • Details of Signature Dish for Registration Form: 
    • The “Signature Dish” may be a first or second course. “Snack items” and desserts are not permitted.
    • The recipe must include the following information: name of the recipe, dish type (first, second course), ingredients and quantity, how many people the recipe serves, method of preparation, preparation time, cooking time, and serving method.
    • The Signature Dish needs to follow EU laws on hygiene and the protection of flora and fauna.

 3.2.4 Candidates must also answer the following mandatory questions in Estonian or English:

  • “How would you describe your own cooking style? Be brave. Be truthful.”
  • “What are your trying to express with your Signature Dish?”
  • “Describe 2 or 3 cooking trends you see in Estonia currently. How do they influence you, if they influence you?”

3.2.5 The Society may not be held responsible in the event that the information provided for participation and/or the contact information is incorrect or inaccurate. The Society reserves the right, at any time, to check the validity of participant information (including the ID of the participant, age, place of residence), and to request any information it deems necessary to verify the statements made during registration, and to proceed with the disqualification of participants who violated of these rules.

  1. 3.3 Phase 2: Selection of the Shortlist – 01.07.2018 – 31.07.2018

3.3.1 A panel of Estonian expert chefs will act as judges (“Chef Panel”) for the 2018 YCC. They are independent from The Society.  In Phase 2, they will define a shortlist of a maximum of 10 Young Chefs to compete in the Black Box Cooking Semi-Finals.

3.3.2 The selection process be managed by the Chef Panel, which will, at its discretion, rely on the support of a local professional expert or entity.

3.3.3 For the purposes of the definition of the Shortlist, applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria, each of which will be assigned a score by the members of Chef Panel, for a maximum total of 75 points for each Chef Panel Member. The opinion of the Chef Panel is final.

  • CHEF SKILLS (10 points):Ability to Ability to work with raw materials and turn them into a dish that respects their original essence and the season.
  • INGREDIENTS (10 points): Ability to select the best ingredients that the market can offer in terms of quality, freshness and uniqueness, in order to achieve an excellence of taste.
  • GENIUS (10 points): Ability to explore new, challenging, and innovative perspectives in relation to the culture of fine cuisine with a personal and contemporary style, while maintaining a balance of tastes.
  • AESTHETICS (10 points): Dish presentation, giving an aesthetic enhancement of its contents
  • STATEMENT (10 points):from Candidate Questions- “What are your trying to express with your Signature Dish?”
  • STYLE (15 points):“How would you describe your own cooking style? Be brave. Be truthful.
  • TRENDS (10 points):Describe 2 or 3 cooking trends you see in Estonia currently. How do they influence you, if they influence you?”

3.3.4 The shortlist of 10 candidates will be determined based on the sum of the scores assigned to each candidate for each of the above criteria, who will then proceed to the next phase of the YCC.  Only selected candidates from each respective shortlist will be notified by phone and/or email by The Society. Their names will also be published on the Site and on the Silverspoon Facebook page.

  1. 3.4 Phase 3- Black Box Cooking Semi-Finals – 10.09.2018 – 24.09.2018

3.4.1 The Semi-Finals will take place during Phase 3 for each of the 10 Candidates, with e Finalists being chosen for the Grand Finale. The specific dates, locations and any other logistical details on the Semi-Finals will be announced by The Society.

3.4.2 During the Semi-Finals, Young Chefs will be required to cook from a “Black Box” of ingredients selected by the Chef Panel.  The Chef Panel will only announce in advance whether there will be 2 Black Boxes (i.e., 2 courses) or 1 Black Box (1 course only).

3.4.3 The Chef Panel will announce on the day or days of the Semi-Finals the preparation time, and permitted cooking time.

3.4.4 The Chef Panel will taste the dishes of each of the young chef and judge them on the basis of the criteria mentioned below, giving a score between 1 and 30 points for each criterion, for 100 points total, for each member of the Chef Panel.

  • DRESS & PERSONAL HYGIENE (10 points):clean and pressed chef coat, with apron, hat and appropriate kitchen shoes. Chefs should be clean and showered, with good personal hygiene.
  • CHEF SKILLS (20 points): Points are awarded based on the correct preparation of food, corresponding to today’s modern culinary art. Preparation should be practical, and use appropriate cooking techniques.
  • INGREDIENT GENIUS (20 points): How did the young chef assemble the Black Box ingredients together to form a cohesive, creative dish?
  • AESTHETICS & STATEMENT (10 points): Dish presentation, giving an aesthetic enhancement of its contents. “What are your trying to express with your dish?” What sort of flair and panache do you bring to your dish?
  • T3 (30 points):Taste, texture, temperature. A chef’s livelihood depends on producing and executing the best taste and texture for customers. Do the specified major ingredients carry the dominant flavors? Do the components fit together? Are the temperatures correct? Do the textures reflect the cooking technique? Is there a “WOW” factor?
  • JUDGE PANELIST OPINION (20 points):The personal opinion of each chef on the panel about how the young chef brings his or her “game” (his or her very best skills and creativity), and puts the “whole picture together”.

3.4.5 Based on the sum of the scores assigned to each candidate for each of the above criteria, the Chef Panel will select 3 Finalists for the Grand Finale.  The Finalists will be published on the Site.

  1. 3.5 The Black Box Grand Finale – 16.10.2018

3.5.1 The Grand Finale is scheduled for the 16thof October in Tallinn, at a location to be named at a later date.

3.5.2 Side events may also take place during the dates of the Grand Finale, to which the Finalists may be invited. It is therefore important that all participants ensure their availability during said period.

3.5.3 During the Finale, the 3 Finalists will once again face a challenging Black Box Competition of either 1 or 2 courses.  The voting system will mirror the 100 point system from the Semi-Finals, with the possibility of a special surprise guest added to the Chef Panel.

3.5.4 Based on the sum of the scores obtained by each Finalist, a classification will be made and first place will be given to the highest ranked Young Chef. 

  • During the Silverspoon Gala Dinner, the winner of the YCC will be announced! The winner will earn the title of Silverspoon Young Chef 2018, and will be given the opportunity of an international internship at a Michelin Star Restaurant.

3.5.5 Results of the Finale will be published on the Silverspoon Site as well as on its Facebook page after the date of the event.


4.1 Content sent with the application must not contain images that are deemed offensive or contrary to public morals (vulgar, violent scenes, illegal activities, discriminatory in terms of religion or race etc.) that in any way violate the rights of third parties, present defamatory content, invade the privacy of others or violate copyrights.

4.2 The Society reserves the right to moderate, reject or disqualify any participation that, in its opinion, is deemed to be indecent, offensive, inappropriate, is contrary to the spirit of this initiative, or can potentially be detrimental to the The Society the Chef Panel, the YCC initiative or the image or reputation of a third party. If a candidate selected in the Shortlist or Semi-Finals undertakes anti-social or inappropriate activities in conjunction with the Semi-Finals or Grand Finale, The Society reserves the right to disqualify and/or implement any action deemed necessary in defense of its rights and principles.

4.3 All materials submitted for participation must be original.

4.4 By participating in the initiative, each participant declares and confirms:

  • that the contributions (materials/recipes) submitted are original and that they do not violate copyrights and/or trademarks and/or industrial rights and/or image rights or any other rights of commercial, intellectual and/or industrial exploitation of any natural or legal person;
  • that he/she will fully indemnify and hold The Society and Chef Panel and their successors harmless from any and prejudicial consequence, cost or damage that may result from a breach of this declaration and warranty. In particular, the participant will defend and fully indemnify the promoter from damages (including costs) that the latter is called upon to pay to third parties as a result of:
  • an action or warning based on the fact that the mere possession or use of the content by the promoter, violates or is in breach of copyright, trademark, patent rights, know-how, invention rights, image rights and any other exclusive rights of third parties;
  • any damages or loss caused by the publication of content deemed offensive or contrary to public morals (profanity, violent scenes, illegal activities, etc.).

4.5 Materials may only be sent electronically. Any materials sent by other means will not be taken into consideration.

4.6 Images and recipes sent, as well as the names and images of participants and the shooting of photos/videos of anticipated events (Semi-Finals, Grand Finale), that depict the participants and their recipes will be used at the discretion of the The Society to promote the YCC initiative and any product or service offered by The Society, connected with the YCC initiative itself, through any means of distribution and for an unlimited period of time, without The Society having to provide any remuneration to the participants.

4.7 By submitting his or her content, participants waive any right to said content (the right is hence given to the promoter), and may not request any financial compensation for potential future use. Content must be free from copyright, and will not be returned.

4.8 Participants will also be involved in potential promotional and advertising initiatives connected to local events and the Finale.

  1. 5. General Terms & Conditions

5.1 This document includes all of the information required for participation in the YCC initiative. In taking part in it, participants accept all of the clauses contained herein.

5.2 Employees of The Society may not participate, nor may their immediate family members and all those who are involved in the production and management of this initiative. Family members of the Chef Panel are excluded from the YCC.

5.3 Participation in the Semi-Finals and the Grand Finale and winning the title at stake are not transferable, and have no economic value.

5.4 The Society does not assume any liability for damages or losses incurred by the participant as a result of participation in this initiative, subject to the responsibility of The Society in the event of death or injury suffered by the participant due to any form of negligence of The Society itself.

5.5 The Society cannot be held responsible for any technical problems, human error or unauthorised interventions that may affect the proper registration on the site, or which result in the loss or corruption of data acquired.

5.6 Any decision of The Society with respect to any promotional aspect shall be deemed final and irrevocable.

5.7 The Society shall not be responsible for any delay or inability to perform its obligations as a result of any interference, act, omission, event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control (for example due to war, terrorism, state of emergency or disaster, including natural disasters, computer virus, bugs, tampering,, unauthorised intervention, technical issues or anything that may affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or the proper conduct of the initiative).

5.8 In addition, The Society reserves the right, at its sole discretion and as permitted by law, to (a) disqualify any participant responsible for interference and/or (b) with the consent of the competent authorities, to modify, suspend or cancel this initiative.

5.9 These rules are prepared in accordance with Estonian law. The YCC initiative is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Estonian courts.