Record number of entries

Restaurants / 25. June 2016

Gastronomy competition Silverspoon receives record number of entries

Silverspoon has now closed entries to participate in the competition and will be beginning the evaluation process for restaurants, pubs and cafés. Silverspoon jury members will be visiting dining establishments over the next six months, until the autumn, in order to also appraise seasonality.

According to Silverspoon’s executive director Marje Hallik-Wilson, a record number of dining establishments registered for the competition, with entries comprising of nearly a hundred different restaurants, cafés and pubs across Estonia. To maintain impartiality, specific details on participating dining establishments are confidential. “This is a brilliant result and our jury members are eagerly looking forward to embarking on their roles,” adds Marje Hallik-Wilson.

The organisers of the Silverspoon gastronomy competition decided to add a seventh main category to the 2016 contest. “Following extensive discussions with restaurant owners and foodies, we chose to add a so-called “casual dining” category. This applies to dining establishments with a casual and relaxed atmosphere and an appropriately fitting menu,” explains Hallik-Wilson.

The evaluation process for the Silverspoon gastronomy competition will take place across seven different categories — fine dining, casual dining, family dining, international cuisine, Estonian cuisine, best bar and best café — allowing to better assess dining establishments with a similar purpose. In addition, the competition plays host to three subcategories – best chef, best service and best vegetarian food.

Entry is free, but all registered dining establishments must offer the competition’s jury members a voucher that entitles them to a three-course meal, together with one cocktail, a glass of wine or beer, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Silverspoon’s uniqueness stems from its jury, made up from people from very different walks of life and with different tastes, and representing a cross-section of Estonian society. The jury members, who have all undergone appropriate training, include foodies and food enthusiasts as well as frequent restaurant goers. Together, they are well-placed to evaluate what matters most to people when eating out.

The entire evaluation process is anonymous. “Jury members have to fill out an exhaustive form with 50 questions which will then be forwarded to an independent auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. They will count the points on their side and submit them to the organisers prior to the beginning of the grand gala,“ describes Hallik-Wilson.

The winners of the Silverspoon competition will be announced in autumn 2016. Each participating dining establishment will also receive valuable feedback on their products and service in due course.

The team behind the Silverspoon competition includes Marje Hallik-Wilson, Joakim Helenius, John Wilson, Mahesh Ramnani and Anders Hedman. The patron for the competition is the grand old man of Estonian gastronomy, Dimitri Demjanov.

The Silverspoon competition is sponsored by Rimi, Prike, audit service provider PriceWaterhouseCoopers, law firm Sorainen, Lexus Estonia ja design studio Nope.

MTÜ Estonian Society of Gastronomy Awards was founded in 2004 to promote and reward culinary achievements in the Estonian dining scene.

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