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The main categories

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Fine Dining

Fine dining goes above and beyond and offers the finest in food, service and atmosphere.
Encapsulates the stimulation of all the senses and how the restaurant can create a harmonious resonance throughout the experience. Those registering for this category must have a proper 3 course a la carte menu offering even if they have a set / tasting menu along with a wine list and a drinks menu.

Best Estonian Cuisine

Exemplifying Estonian food based on the intrinsic dietary characters of its people. It can be a classic or modern take or a mixture of both. Ambience and decor is an important factor along with the drinks menu and ingredients used.

Casual dining

This category covers restaurants that provide a gastronomic experience in an convivial environment. A place where you can converse and relax whilst indulging In the cuisine and enjoying the drinks. This category also encourages the patrons and chefs to explore and mix and match allowing new experiences.

Best International Cuisine

A restaurant that represents the cuisines from different parts of the world. The restaurant has a clear national cuisine or a mix of cuisines with traditional preparation methods used. Drinks menu, decor and service will be judged to see how the internationality of the cuisine is reflected. Asian and Middle Eastern countries will be judged in the 'Best Asian' category.

Best Asian Cuisine

A restaurant that represents the best traditions of national cuisines from the Asian and Middle Eastern countries, gives a clear understanding of the cuisine being served and the principles followed. Drinks menu, decor and service will be judged to see how the nationality of the cuisine is reflected. (Asian cuisine includes several major regional cuisines: East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern/Western Asian).

Best Family Dining

An infrastructure to welcome elderly persons, children and entire parties of families. A menu that accommodates various eating habits and preparations to suit the young, old and dietary requirements. Access for wheelchairs, children's corner, toilets for the elderly along with baby care facilities.

Best Cafe

A menu that offers a meal along with cafe staples such as cakes, pastries and other baked and savoury products along with serving of hot and cold beverages. A cafe incorporates more than just serving a warm beverage, it is a place of comfort with ambience and welcoming with a wide range of products to comfort and satisfy the patrons.

Street food

A distinct dish or cuisine all prepared on site. Must be fresh and quickly received. Sold from a street cart, van, truck, container or food hall hawker stall. Drink offerings are optional.

Best gastropub

A descriptive menu offering at least 2 courses with the kitchen having a chef and all food cooked on-site. Additional value for a specialised wine or beer menu.

Best Chef

Respect for ingredients, innovation, creation, presentation, flow & clarity of the menu encompass the expression of the food created by the chef and his team.

Best Service

Whether having a drink at the bar or eating a three course meal, it's about the experience which begins with the service at the establishment.
Professional service and friendly approach, understanding and explanation of the menu, managing clients expectations, cleanliness and overall presentation of the staff, these qualities shall be assessed through each judges experience.

Best Vegetarian

Vegetarian offerings are indispensable on the menu. Dishes with ingredients that will satisfy the most discerning vegetarians and approachable to all palates.

Silverspoon Media Award

Food journalist or media company/outlet, who contributes significantly to the recognition and popularization of the food and restaurant culture.


Evaluation of the participants

I phase

Choosing the judges

The evaluation process begins with the selection of independent judges. We value transparency and fair competition, which is why we cooperate with the audit firm PwC, who will ensure the transparency of the whole competition.

II phase

Evaluation process

Independent judges will visit the SilverSpoon participants in both spring and fall, in order to ensure the equitable estimates.

III phase

Acknowledging the very best

At the end of Silverspoon 2019 competition, we will held grand gala to acknowledge the very best participants in both eight main and three side categories.