Our marquee sponsor

Sponsor / 26. August 2016

Silverspoon is proud to present our marquee sponsor Viinitie!


Viinitie is a wine and beer importer and distributor founded in 2003 in Finland. We import wines and beers from Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. Although we have experimented with a presence in Estonia in the past, Viinitie is now making its first full-bore entry into the Estonian market.

Our distinguishing features are our youthful energy and our “politely irreverent” approach to buying and marketing wine. We do not import only expensive wines or collectible wines (for example, we have no Bordeaux). Rather, we seek out wine producers who are dynamic, vibrant and vanguard. Our wines are not cheap but neither are they expensive. They appeal to the wine adventurist more than the wine snob.

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