Silverspoon Awards

Silverspoon is the first and highest gastronomy award in Estonia

What is Silverspoon?

Silverspoon is the first gastronomy contest in Estonia, which aims to recognise and develop culinary culture in Estonia. The contest welcomes entries from all dining establishments across Estonia that serve an a'la carte menu. Silverspoon’s unique judging process makes it a cut above the rest: the members of the jury have diverse backgrounds and tastes, hence representing a cross-section of the Estonian society. They base their evaluation precisely on what matters most to everyday diners.

The evaluation will take place across 8 different main categories, enabling the pairing of dining establishments with a similar purpose. The whole evaluation process is transparent and monitored by an independent auditor from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Each participating dining establishment will receive valuable feedback from the jury. The winners of the Silverspoon competition will be announced in autumn 2017. The Society is an independent organisation created for the Estonian public, and receives no government funding. Silverspoon covers its expenses with funds collected with the help of businesses and private sponsors.

Main categories

to choose the best from

Fine Dining

Best Estonian Cuisine

Casual dining

Best International Cuisine

Best Family Dining

Best Cafe

Street food

Best gastropub

As side categories we are selecting the best chef, vegan restaurant and best service.

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Silverspoon's timeline


Silverspoon starts

We are launching Silverspoon. The registration opens in March 2018!


Registration process and selecting the judges

The Silverspoon's registration is open until the end of April 2018!

May - September


The independent judges will valuate the restaurants in two phases - in spring and in summer.


Awards Gala

Announcing the winners at Silverspoon Awards Gala 2018

  1. March
  2. Aprill
  3. May - September
  4. Fall

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